SEO what is it?

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SEO is Search Engine Optimization and in straightforward English it is the act of maintaining a developed website and promoting it on the internet that it becomes more visible on the search engines meaning positioned well for the search phrases you are targeting. This is whats called organic results rather than a paid advertising result.

What does being indexed and ranking actually mean when it comes to your internet site? For an instance you happen to be looking for garbanzo beans and want to get them from a food source online. Whether on your phone, tablet or computer you go to the net and type in who sells garbanzo beans, buying garbanzo beans or some other phrase describing what you are trying to find. Then your results appear on your pc or cell phone, these represent the natural or organic listings for those words you used to search. The goal is to be on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for those words, producing clicks to your web page.

If you're an ecommerce site which has minimal information relating to your products but no quality content with regards to these products you will have a tougher time getting visible. Or your homepage only has 400 words in regards to you as a contractor, for example, and Google's parameters require more quality content to be seen. Many websites don't contain original or unique information on their sites and this is where an SEO company can certainly make a difference.

We at are skilled in content marketing and we will update your current blog or develop a new blog for you that we can regularly add new and pertinent content about your products or services and any news worthy information regarding your industry or just random subject areas that you'd like to write with regard to.

We are dedicated to helping people who run businesses market their online goods and services. Even though AudienceBoost is only a few years old the owners have owned and managed online businesses for over 15 years and also have experience promoting their products and services. We certainly have went through the ups and downs of SEO services and Google penalties and have absolutely learned from them. We have offices in Georgia, Washington and Idaho but service the entire U.S. We don't hard sell and promise you products we can't deliver but we do the best we can to help your business become more visible on the internet.

We want to help you promote your site by means of PPC management, organic and local SEO and social media marketing. We have plans for all budgets and sizes of companies. Don't currently have a website or need it updated? We provide design services as well. Our motto is that we don't want to the largest Seo firm but the most effective at what we do!

Want to learn more about SEO? We are able to assist at Audience Come check out our website and give us a call for a free assessment. We occasionally even promote our services free of charge, but you will need to give us a call to find out more 800-979-1449.

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