Use These 3 SEO Tactics to Help Your Website

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asked Jun 21, 2015 by kevindixon157 (620 points)

To succeed with search engine optimization, you have to keep learning and keep track of the latest search engine developments. But for the people who are just starting out with SEO or want to try it out for the success of their own site, things might seem to be a bit difficult. In order to make it work for you, you have to use the right methods and then regularly put them into practice. It will take some time before you actually get a hang of it, especially when it's your initial stage. If you apply the SEO guidelines mentioned below, you will start to get an idea of what it's all about.
Firstly, you should ensure that you are using anchor text links the right way. An anchor text is nothing but the word that appears within the hyperlink. You must ensure that you are using anchor text for both the links that come and also the links that go out. This is essential because readers will understand what the link is for and search engines will also be able to tell where the link goes to and what the page's content refers to.

If this is done correctly, you will get higher rankings before long. Just ensure that you're staying away from anchor text that simply reads click here. The search engines will likely lower your site in the rankings because it will think your site isn't relevant.

When writing content for your site, your first focus should be on the user rather than the search engines. Don't write for the search engines because that would just make it difficult for your users. If the content you create for your site is not useful to readers, then the search engines will overlook it as well. Since people are the ones conducting the search Search Va, you need to focus on writing for them. Yes, you do need keywords in your text but don't stuff your content with them. Just sprinkle them around and you should be good.

If you have duplicate content on your site such as archives, folder names, file names, etc. then you should consider having a robots.txt file, so that the search engines know what pages to crawl and what to ignore. You use this file to ignore those pages that have duplicate content, so that they don't appear in the search engine results and cause problems. While you use this file to exclude a few pages from getting indexed, you should use a sitemap to tell the search engines where to actually go on your site. This is used to make your whole site more visible to the search engine spiders.

To conclude, search engine optimization can be likened to a great puzzle where you need to fit all the pieces together correctly. By understanding and learning all the various changes that happen you will be better prepared to solve this puzzle. You will soon become an expert, as you start to see things clearly, and will easily be able to rank sites for even the most competitive keywords. Nothing is impossible if you put a little effort in.

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